I like to create things, here is list with some of those things

  • Cinemoid: An app that helps you pick movies. You know that feeling when you are endlessly browsing to Netflix/Disney+/whatever? I had that too so this is my crack at it.
  • Stenos: iOS app that makes notes for you automatically. I like to have thorough notes and I also like to pay attention, so I created this.
  • RWS Datalab: Rijkswaterstaat, the FC Barcalona of infrastructure wanted a top notch advanced analytics team. I created that with others.
    • CRONUS: Computer vision platform that analyses (satellite) images to create/update maps.
  • Anagrammer: Anagrams are pretty cool to tinker with, they are hard to find and have some magical poetic air about them.
  • Verbeterdebuurt: People should be involved in their neighbourhood but often they aren’t. I created this with a couple of people, currently out of my hands.
  • CreativeCrowds: A crowdsourcing agency working on making the Internet more democratic. No longer active.
  • SocialStrategyTalk: A series of talks on social media, pretty much avant la lettre. No longer active.